August 30, 2019 | 5.8 min read

Preparing For A Hurricane As A Wheelchair User

Post written by: Mary Carol Peterson

Living in Florida can feel like we’re living in a tranquil paradise. Despite that common perception, Floridians live with the real threat of hurricanes. To ensure our safety during these natural disasters, it’s important that we are prepared for the worst situation possible. Effective disaster preparation takes these factors into account, and should include building an emergency kit, making a plan, and staying informed. When preparing for a hurricane, and because of limitations related to accessibility and functional needs, people with disabilities and their families should take extra care to prepare for hurricanes. Here are some resources, provided by FEMA, that can help prepare you, including: general tips, emergency kits, service animals, as well as tips for people with certain conditions and Special Needs Shelters.

July 23, 2019 | 5.8 min read

Community Spotlight: Dwayne Scheuneman, A REVolution In Dance

Post written by: Luis Rodriguez and Kyle Romano
Photographer: Luis Rodriguez
Photography editor: Kyle Romano
Rodriguez Photography & Fine Art

Dwayne rests his stubbled chin on the palm of his left hand. His eyes dart from one student to the next. The man’s lithe body is taut with anticipation, his eyes intense and piercing. While he instructs, Dwayne’s wheelchair undulates beneath him, merely an extension of his body. Together, they swerve and pivot, gracefully flowing in and out of routines. The dancer’s cheerful demeanor is infectious and his grace is undeniable. These qualities translate seamlessly to his development of choreography, and after watching him go through a few moves with his beaming students from REVolutions Dance, you’ll feel the unmistakable urge to dance too!

June 26, 2019 | 3.5 min read

Community Spotlight: Christine Garner, The Hero We Need

Post written by: Luis Rodriguez and Kyle Romano

Meeting Christine Garner, the very first thing you'll notice is her wonderful smile, framed by flowing locks of curly hair. Her bubbly demeanor captures you, first radiating from her eyes. When she speaks, you instantly realize, beyond her buoyant personality, that she is someone truly memorable. And though her life has been filled with difficulty, she persevered. Christine's inner strength and her gift for storytelling will inspire you. And as our current Ms. Wheelchair Florida, she is unforgettable.

May 16, 2019 | 6.3 min read

Funding for Assistive Technology and Devices: Step-By-Step

Post written by: Mary Carol Peterson

Meet Rick Raducha, AKA “Rapid Rick,” who is a race car enthusiast. Recently, Rick purchase a brand new, accessible van. While servicing it at our shop, he shared an amazing story about his vehicle, detailing how he was able to purchase it.

April 26, 2019 | 4.8 min read

Protecting Our Rights To Complex Rehab. Technology

Post written by: Kyle Romano

We are all connected to disability. Whether you realize it or not, we are always one accident or one health scare away from a life-altering event. I’m no exception to this rule. When I was about a year old, I contracted bacterial meningitis. As a result, I became a quad-amputee. Life without limbs presented a number of challenges for my family and I, including my introduction to power wheelchairs at the age of three. Since then, I’ve relied heavily on my wheelchair to lead a healthy and independent life. Without it, attending school or holding down a job would’ve been impossible. What’s frightening, is that our access to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) is in jeopardy. Unless we urge our legislators to pass H.R. 2293, many people could lose their ability to lead happy, healthy, and independent lives.

April 25, 2019 | 7.1 min read

Falls Happen! What's Your Risk, And How Can You Prevent Them?

Post written by: Mary Carol Peterson

In a split second, your life can be changed forever. Of course, you never think it will happen to you. When you’re least expecting it, you fall. How many people do you know who have fallen? Personally, a few of my loved ones have had this experience. Resulting from a medication change, my amazing mom became dizzy, fell, and broke her pelvis. My dear, Aunt Marie tripped on her small poodle, leading to a broken hip and shoulder. She fell again during rehab and, because she was still weak from her first fall, broke her other hip.