August 2, 2018 | 3.9 min read

The Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding: From the Rider’s Perspective

Post written by: Intern Bryanna Tanase

This blog is the first installment, in a three-part blog series, where I’ll describe the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding. The main goal of this series is to raise awareness about horses, what they can do for people with disabilities, and, to encourage more people to participate in horseback riding. Many are unaware that riding is even an option. This installment in the series will focus on my emotional, physical, and sensory experiences, as a participant in a therapeutic riding program, at Quantum Leap Farm.

July 20, 2018 | 4.1 min read

Combining Riding Perspectives

Post written by: Interns Kailee Sylvester and Bryanna Tanase

When discussing therapeutic riding, or just therapy in general, it’s hard to talk about medical benefits without talking about mental and social benefits. Based on their experiences, people have different perspectives on disability. As a result, people focus on certain aspects of disability more than others. In this way, health professionals, or future health professionals, like myself, tend to focus on the numbers. We tend to favor this kind of data, because they are physical changes that we can see and record. We tend to favor this kind of data, because they are physical changes that we can see and record. On the other hand, the riders aren’t worried about a 2% increase in range of motion. These individuals are more interested in their new abilities, and how they change their: feelings, interactions, and perspectives. Disability isn’t something that can be viewed as purely medical, or purely mental. In reality, it is a bit of both.

July 17, 2018 | 2.7 min read

Exploring the Stables: A Day at Quantum Leap Farm

Post written by: Intern Kailee Sylvester

As a soon-to-be physical therapy student, I have always been interested in hippotherapy, which uses horses as a unique form of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Recently, I got the chance to visit Quantum Leap Farm, a therapeutic riding center in Odessa, FL. Here, people with disabilities, and of all ages, can come and reap the benefits that horseback riding has on the mind and the body. After watching my friend Bryanna, during her therapeutic riding session, I was able to interview the director and founder of the company, Edie Dopking. From her, I learned a bit more about this form of riding, and what it is all about.

July 13, 2018 | 2.4 min read

Take Out Your Pen and Paper at Family Café: Workshops and Educational Value

Post written by: Intern Kailee Sylvester

Family Café offers more resources than you could possibly take advantage of in 3 days. Workshops included low budget adaptive toy ideas, mobility lectures from physical therapists and physicians, networking sessions for families, adaptive scuba and paddleboarding, funding adaptive technologies, utilizing government funding and resources, just to name a few. I tried to even out my time at Family Café with educational and fun workshops from a variety of fields so I could get a little taste of everything there is to offer at Family Café.

July 13, 2018 | 2.1 min read

Putting the “Family” in “Family Café”: Community Activities and Interactions

Post written by: Intern Kailee Sylvester

After speaking with a number of families at the conference, I discovered how Family Café creates a unique space for families to meet and interact. Most of the people I spoke with, ranted and raved about Family Café. Every year, they mark their calendars so they can come to Orlando, reunite with old friends, and have a great time.

July 13, 2018 | 2.6 min read

Family Café- 20th Anniversary!

Post written by: Intern Kailee Sylvester

This year, Family Café celebrated their 20th year anniversary, with a superhero-themed, family-friendly weekend. Located in Orlando, this annual conference brings together people with disabilities, in miraculous ways. People with disabilities, and their families, have the opportunity to meet and network with the disabled community . In addition to this unique opportunity, the conference is also filled with information and resources from companies and organizations, who are actively involved in the community. My experiences ranged from meeting with park representatives from Gatorland, which I discovered has the only wheelchair accessible zipline in Florida, to specialists from financial companies like Able United, which allow thousands of people with disabilities an unprecedented way to save money. I also got to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time! And these were merely a few of the experiences that I had!