January 24, 2019 | 3 min read

Introducing Our 2019 Healthy Habits Series

Post written by: Mary Carol Peterson

Starting in January, we will be covering ways to reduce stress in 2019, by establishing some habits to keep you healthy! In our first, few blogs, we will discuss the importance of maintaining your equipment. This step can really help to save time and money, while drastically reducing stress! Then, we will feature exercise options, skin safety, and the importance of hydration and eating, all in that order! Stay tuned!

Do you want to save time, money, look great, and reduce stress?

Who doesn’t? By maintaining your equipment, you can achieve these goals! Try to think of your equipment like it is your life-line. Many times, it is. No one wants to be stuck because of a flat tire or a breakdown, especially when trying to make to an appointment, a social function, a work function, or a class. These misfortunes could even prevent you from running important errands, including going to the pharmacy or the grocery store. So, here’s the million dollar question: what can you do to prevent this catastrophe?

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General Tips for Wheelchair Users:

• Avoid tire puncture hazards, such as nails, glass, etc. • Pay attention to unusual noises. These are signs that something is wrong. • Tighten loose hardware, and check your owner’s manual for clarifications. • During transfers, make sure that your wheel locks properly secure your chair. This shortcoming is one of the most common mishaps, causing falls and fractures. Sometimes, the issue may be related to something as simple as air pressure. You may not realize it, but low, tire pressure directly affects wheel locks.

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Manual Wheelchairs: What to check and what to do

• Bearings o Due to their small size and an increase in their number of rotations, caster bearings wear out the fastest. Depending on usage , they should be replaced every 6 months. Check for pet hair or other debris, and remove regularly. o If fork bearings don’t swivel freely, or if they flutter, they should be replaced. o Wheel bearings need replacing if they start making noise. • Rear Wheels o Check for loose spokes, plus toe/in and toe/out alignment.
• Tires o Solid tires should be replaced once per year. o Pneumatic tires, or tires that are inflated with air, should be replaced at a minimum of every two years. Depending on use and the type of surfaces that you traverse, tires wear differerently. This factor can change, as it relates to: indoors, outdoors, sidewalks, gravel, etc. o Check air pressure every month. • Axles o Avoid sand and dirt. Make sure the axles come on/off, easily. If not, check your owner’s manual. • Front casters o Due to their small size and many rotations, replace yearly • Wheel locks o Check regularly, and replace yearly • Upholstery o Purchase an extra cover for your seat cushion. This foresight will allow you to wash on a regular basis. Check for any tears in the cover or back upholstery, and replace as needed. We recommend that you replka these componentsyearly is recommended. • Armrests and Footrests o Regularly check for loose hardware and, depending on wear, replace every one-to-two years.

More About Custom Mobility
We have a fully equipped repair shop, with expert wheelchair technicians that help you stay on track. You don’t even need an appointment! Just come in, between 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we will fix your chair quickly and economically. Our friendly, customer service staff will greet you, will write up a work order, and will quickly give you an estimate. Then, you can relax in our comfortable waiting room, which has free snacks and beverages. Talk about reducing stress! Just give us a call @727-539-8119 or 800-622-5151 to discuss a problem you are having or stop by 7199 Bryan Dairy Road, Largo, FL 33777

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