Paula and James Diviney don’t have to live in an assisted living center thanks to Section 8, however, their current home doesn’t accommodate their power wheelchairs! Right now they’ve had to get by with cramped conditions where they can’t even access their bathroom. They do have a ramp that helps them enter their house, yet, the only place where their wheelchairs fit is in the living room. It’s been thirteen years and they still have not been able to exit into their backyard or enjoy cooking together in their kitchen. To say it’s been tough for them both to navigate their living space is putting it mildly, but Habitat for Humanity plans to change all that!

Paula and James and the interior of their current home

Soon, the Diviney’s will finally be able to move into a home that will be accessible for both of them. Once they’ve moved in, we’ll feature their journey in an Accessible Living article. Stay tuned!