Meet Livy Scheinman and her sister “High-Flyin’” Hailey! Their amazing story became a part of Disney's Marvel Hero Project: Real Kids Making a Real Difference.

Now fifteen-years-old, Livy has been a member of the Custom Mobility family since she was three. After realizing the cost of Livy’s care, twin sister Hailey lept into action. With the help of the Epilepsy Foundation, they created a program called “Lemonade for Livy,” which raised $700,000 for the program. Additionally, With her artistic abilities, Hailey created paintings and designed jewelry. These helped Livy’s family to raise $10,000, which helped pay for Livy’s needs, including her Complex Rehab Technology and therapy. Hailey also founded an organization to provide support for children living with epilepsy and their families. Click here to learn more about Hailey’s organization called Livy’s Hope.

Twin Sisters Livy and Hailey

Click here to read the Marvel comic about Livy and Hailey’s lives.

Watch the entire episode on Disney Plus featuring Livy and Hailey, along with the other 20 heroes in the project. Each of them has a comic book illustrating their stories. Click here to read them all for free.

Click here to read the entire story.


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