Join us for a live series of virtual, CEU educational events! This private course will feature clinical education that is high-level and interactive, with a few fun twists to help us feel like we are occupying the same space! There will be three courses in total. 

Don’t Be Basic

Thursday, October 8th 11:30am - 1:30pm

From pre-adolescence to adolescence, pediatric clients experience changes that impact physical growth, appearance, cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial development. Such changes can significantly impact which equipment is appropriate for a pediatric client, and the level of direct involvement that the client has with the rehabilitation technology provision process. Participants will learn about considerations that revolve around the recommendation of seating and wheeled mobility solutions for this population. We’ll cover the complete evaluation process, potential impacts of human development, and the key aspects of equipment.

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Discovering Independence

Tuesday, October 13th 5:00pm - 7:00pm

By giving them increased independence, power mobility can change the lives of clients with physical disabilities. There are a variety of input devices that are available, including standard joysticks, proportional head arrays, and proximity switches. Selecting the appropriate drive control, and determining the best mounting point for it, can be a challenging process. This two hour seminar will introduce participants to a variety of equipment, adaptations, and concepts, designed to allow the client to find greater independence through power mobility.

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Thinking Inside the Box

Thursday, October 22nd 5:00pm - 7:00pm

This course discusses the modification of standard cushions and backs. If an individual experiences changes in orthopedic asymmetries or positioning, it can require custom modifications to their seating system. During the ordering process or in the clinic, customizations can be addressed on standard cushions and backs.

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