For the first time, the Centers for Medicare is considering coverage for Power Seat Elevation systems on power wheelchairs! Currently, the Medicare program considers these systems as “not primarily medical in nature.” This claim is incorrect. Since it is safer and easier to transfer from a higher surface to a lower surface, seat elevation can help prevent accidents from occurring during this process. What’s more, these systems are extremely important, allowing wheelchair users to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), For example, they make it possible to access sinks to maintain hygiene, cabinets for retrieving cups, plates, etc., and counter space for meal prepping.

So, where do you come in? Well, we need your help to convince CMS to cover Power Seat Elevation Systems! A public comment period is open until March 17, 2023. By clicking the following link and leaving a comment, you can share your story and show why these seating systems are so important.

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