Platform lifts are among the oldest devices to make transportation accessible for wheelchair users. With a number of different models to choose from, these lifts are still widely used by our clients. They are designed to fit on most vans, and are easy to operate for caregivers and wheelchair users alike.

Braunability Under Vehicle LiftBraunability UVL (Under Vehicle Lift)

While most platform lifts take up space within your van, BraunAbility’s UVL is stowed neatly beneath the vehicle. This feature makes it easier for wheelchair users to navigate inside their vans, and gives drivers a clearer view of their surroundings. The UVL has a longer platform than typical lifts, which perfectly accommodates larger wheelchairs without needing to modify your vehicle’s doorway.


Braunability Millennium Series LiftBraunability Millennium Series Lift

This lift is fully hydraulic, and is the most popular model among BraunAbility’s line of platform lifts. Versatile and dependable, the Millenium Series can be installed in either the side or rear of your full-size van. Featuring an optional side-entry, this lift makes it easy to access, especially when you find yourself in a narrow parking spot.


Braunability Century Series LiftBraunability Century Series Lift

Featuring a simplified electrical system, the Century Series lift is simple to use and dependable. Automatic fold and unfold, as well as automatic doors, makes loading a cinch. This quality addition is especially helpful in inclement weather like rain or snow.