If you’re looking for a seasoned conversion company, Ryno Mobility has been converting wheelchair accessible vehicles for fourteen years. While some companies specialize in one type of conversion, Ryno Mobility has experience with trucks, mini vans, transit vans, and SUVs. Whether you are looking for a driver or passenger side conversion, their variety of options will help you get where you’re going in style.


Ryno Mobility Side Entry TrucksSide-Entry Trucks

Despite Ryno Mobility’s impressive line of conversions, you might know them for their line of modified trucks. Each of these vehicles is fitted with either a power lift or a transfer seat, which is protected from the elements and rests inside the cab of the truck. From outside the truck, you can’t even tell that it’s been modified! Whether you need a transfer seat or a wheelchair lift, Ryno’s line of trucks will make you feel like your on top of the world.

Ryno Mobility Rear Entry MinivansRear-Entry Minivans

If you are a caregiver, this vehicle may be perfect for you! A pair of foldable, mid-row seats, makes it possible for you to have more passengers. While most rear-entry minivans remove the center section of the rear bumper, these vehicles do. This feature will give your vehicle that factory look, and swing out of the way when the rear hatch opens.


Ryno Mobility Side Entry SUVsSide-Entry SUVs

These vehicles are Ryno Mobility’s newest, mobility conversion. Your SUV is completely unique, and is custom built to meet your exact specifications. Similar to their trucks, every SUV is outfitted with an interior power lift or power transfer seat.