Your ideal wheelchair must be functional and reliable, but it doesn’t have to be new. Our refurbished wheelchairs look and feel like they arrived straight from the factory. Before they are ready for sale, we put them through a full service refurbishing process, rebuilding each wheelchair from the ground-up! To customize your ideal wheelchair, we perform our own welding, upholstery, and fabrication.

Refurb Series 01 Permobil C300Refurb series 01 (Permobil C300)

As with all of our refurbished wheelchairs, this Permobil C300 has undergone the full treatment. Notice how we completely disassemble the 

wheelchair. This process allows our team to test and clean the motors, completely replace the seating and arm pads, and replace a variety of internal components. Along with new tires and a new powdercoat, it looks and performs as good as new! Now, this wheelchair is ready to be customized for our client.


Refurb Series QU-710Refurb series 02 (QU-710)

And here, you can see that our team has given a similar treatment to this Quickie QM-710. This wheelchair has also undergone a full disassembly, where it received a tune up of its electronics and components. After replacing the casters, it received new tires, new paint, and a new powdercoat. Now, this QM-710 performs and looks like a brand new wheelchair.





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