Like everybody else, people with disabilities need to travel. However, it can be especially challenging for wheelchair users. Whether you are going on vacation, to work, or to a doctor’s appointment, these travel tips will help you get where you need to go.

Ramps for wheelchair accessibilityBring A Ramp!

Steps and stairs can be a big obstacle for wheelchair users. While public places are legally required to be accessible, there are some cases that might be inaccessible to you. Have you ever come across a sidewalk without a curb cut? Maybe your friends have a step or two leading to their front doors? If you’re a wheelchair user, there’s a good chance that you’ve been in similar situations. We offer travel ramps, which are lighter and easier to carry, and can offer you a quick accessibility solution.

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Useful Tool Set to carry with youImportant Tools To Keep With You

Everybody’s wheelchair is different because each one is made specifically for the user. Yours is made from any combination of parts and pieces, which make it unique. It’s only a matter of time before parts like armrests, legrests, joysticks, and other mounted equipment start to loosen. Make sure to carry a small toolset in your backpack, which includes a set of allen wrenches. That way, you can tighten these components at any time, even if they loosen or fall off when you aren’t home or at our facility.

Your Wheelchair's Measurements Matter!Your Wheelchair’s Measurements Matter

Whether you are planning to travel, or your wheelchair is due for maintenance, it’s important to know the in’s and out’s of your equipment. For example, before you can buy a ticket for a flight, airlines will require you to report the weight, height, length, and width of your wheelchair, as well as the type of battery that it uses. It is also important to know this information in case of an emergency, such as an evacuation, where you may need assistance from people that are unfamiliar with your equipment.