Dependent Mobility Solutions - Florida (1 of 1)

Due to the nature of their disabilities, some of our clients are better suited for dependent mobility solutions. These devices are designed to be comfortable for wheelchair users, and easy for caregivers to maneuver. Whether you need a wheelchair with tilt, or an adapted stroller, we have a variety of pediatric and adult options to meet your needs.

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Manual Chairs

Manual wheelchairs are a perfect solution for some of our clients who may...experience difficulty propelling themselves. They offer great support, while allowing the user to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. All of these wheelchairs are designed to perfectly fit each user. We make...

Manual Chairs With Tilt

Some wheelchair users experience difficulty shifting their weight. Moving...your body is important because it increases circulation, and also prevents pressure sores from forming. Manual wheelchairs with the tilt-in-space function allow our clients to relieve pressure and maintain a healthy...

Alternative Mobility Solutions

Sometimes, our clients require different types of mobility equipment....Alternative mobility solutions are extremely important for these babies, adolescents, and adults with special needs. Such mobility options are versatile, and provide our clients with a safe, healthy, and calming...