Independent Mobility Solutions - Florida (1 of 1)

Whether you are first-time wheelchair user, or are already familiar with your needs, Independent Mobility Solutions could be the key to your independence. These wheelchairs are lightweight and extremely durable. With features that allow you to have precise control over your movement, your wheelchair will feel like a natural extension of your body.

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Custom Manual Rigid Wheelchairs

Which type of manual wheelchair is more appropriate for you? Rigid frames...are more durable than folding models, which are typically more appropriate for our adult clients. Designed for active users, these mobility devices are simple to use, and help our pediatric clients be as independent...

Custom Manual Folding Wheelchairs

Your mobility solution should make your life easier. Manual folding wheelchairs...are lightweight and very adjustable, making them perfect for our clients with changing needs. These devices can fold up and can fit into the trunk of most vehicles, making them easy to transport. •...

Power Assist Options

To find the perfect mobility solution, you may need to explore some options...that seem untraditional. Power Assist is designed for manual wheelchair users who may not need a power wheelchair, but require some extra support for propelling. These devices are great for reducing muscle and...