Complex Power Wheelchair Solutions - Florida (1 of 1)

Each of our clients faces unique challenges, which is why we create a custom solution that is specific to you. For those who have difficulty propelling a manual wheelchair, Complex Power Wheelchairs can be the perfect alternative. Whether it’s a pediatric power wheelchair for your child, or a reliable power chair for an adult, Custom Mobility can meet your mobility needs. Power wheelchairs can be complex. To help determine the best design for you, consult with your therapist or physician.

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Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Front-wheel drive wheelchairs are the most appropriate for users who need...increased traction, more room to position their footplates, and lower seat-to-floor height to fit easier under desks and tables. Consult with your therapist or physician to learn whether this is the right solution for...

Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

With the tightest turning radius, mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs are...generally easier to maneuver and usually recommended for new wheelchair users. The seating systems of these wheelchairs are located in the center of their frames, placing them amongst some of the most stable models....

Rear-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Among the first power wheelchairs ever designed, rear-wheel drive chairs...tend to have larger bases. The added weight helps these models to be rugged, sturdy, and powerful. These devices turn slower, but allow for you to be more precise in your driving ability. What’s more,...

Electronics and Alt Controls

We can outfit wheelchairs with a variety of helpful electronics and driving...controls. They can be perfect if you have a hard time using a standard joystick, pressing buttons, or reaching switches. These devices can help you to become far more independent, and allow you to accomplish your...

Power Seating Options

Seating and positioning systems are extremely important. For some wheelchair...users, moving certain parts of their bodies might be challenging. These incredible systems allow our clients to tilt or elevate their bodies, which helps them to stay healthy and to reach higher. Consult with...