Custom Wheelchair Service - Florida (1 of 1)

Our certified technicians are experts at repairing a variety of devices, including: power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, gait trainers, and standers. We specialize in custom equipment, meaning that we’ll create and maintain the perfect mobility solution for you.

Custom FabricationCustom Fabrication

What makes Custom Mobility unique? Unlike most wheelchair repair shops, we design and create a number of critical components to meet your specific needs. The result is a mobility device that meets your medical needs, and allows you to achieve your highest potential.



Your wheelchair must be reliable, while keeping you healthy and secure. To design your perfect seating solution, our upholstery team can create a variety of custom pieces, including seat covers, safety belts, harnesses, straps, pads, and supports.


Welding and Metal ComponentsWelding and Metal Components

Our machine shop is dedicated to creating a range of critical components for your wheelchair. Whether small or large, these parts allow us to design a mobility device that completely meets your needs.




Because your wheelchair is unique, our assembly team must use custom-made parts to put it together. We build each device this way to make sure that it fits you perfectly.

Custom Mobility is one of the only providers in the country to offer refurbished power and manual wheelchairs. Our refurbished wheelchairs are a cheaper solution, and are as good as new.

Sales and Evaluation

Whether you need a wheelchair, a gait trainer, or a stander, our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) must perform a seating evaluation. This process includes taking measurements, as well as learning about your lifestyle and needs. Together with you, your therapists, physicians, family, and friends, we create the ideal seating solution.