Custom Mobility is home to a variety of licensed technicians. Their talent and versatility gives us the ability to service most brands of manual and power wheelchairs. Our name isn’t just for show! While our team can perform typical repairs and maintenance, our strength lies in customization. Need a unique seating system on your wheelchair? We can create it! Did your custom tray just break? Our team can repair or replace it! Our goal is to make sure that you have everything that you need to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life.
Traveling to our facility can be difficult or impractical. Need us to come to you? We have seven wheelchair service technicians who work in the field, and can service your wheelchair from home! They cover a majority of the state of Florida, including areas that range from Gainesville to northern Miami.
Wheelchairs are intricate pieces of equipment. Assembling and repairing them can be a delicate process. It can require expert knowledge and specialized parts. Our Parts Department is extensive, and provides the exact pieces needed to correctly repair your equipment. We understand that your wheelchair is your lifeline. To repair everything as quickly as possible, CMI regularly stocks wheelchair and seating components from a variety of manufacturers.
Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way that we expect. On the rare occasion that this should happen, we can provide you with loaner equipment. Out of principle, we will never leave you without a means of mobility.

Custom Fabrication

In addition to creating custom equipment, Custom Mobility specializes in adaptive seating for manual and power wheelchairs. Members of the CMI team are highly skilled at working with wood and plastics. They design and create a number of critical components, including contoured cushions and positioning items.
To achieve workable solutions, we use a variety of materials. A tremendous amount of time, and effort goes into the fabrication of a single, seat cushion. With quality plywood, Kydex, Lexan, and a variety of foam and gels, we can create the perfect cushion, which will meet your specific needs.
Custom Mobility pays attention to the fine details. Our work ethic sets us apart from other, equipment companies, because we consider the unique needs of every client. By taking exact measurements of the client, we can implement those specifications in our designs. The result is a seating solution, which not only meets our clients' medical needs, but also allows them to achieve their highest potential.


Though often overlooked, seating is extremely important to people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Seating solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When covering cushions and supports, Custom Mobility takes special care to ensure your safety, and to maintain your health. While some of our clients use a variety of fabrics, others may have hypersensitivity or allergies to certain materials. Our Upholstery team uses this approach when covering the surfaces of your wheelchair or mobility device. Additionally, they can create a variety of other seating components, such as: custom seatbelts, harnesses, straps, pads, or supports.
The members of our Upholstery team are extremely skilled, and have the ability to implement special design elements into your seating solutions! Their talent allows us to truly create custom seating components that meet your specific needs.

Welding and Metal Components

Creating a custom wheelchair is a complicated process, one that would be impossible without our machine shop. Thanks to our team, we can work with various types of metal, machinery, welding, and even powder coating. These skills give Custom Mobility the ability to create custom components that our clients need, the likes of which have never existed. Our machine shop creates components that are vital to our clients’ seating and positioning systems. These critical components range in their utility, providing access to function and independence, while allowing every client to remain safe and healthy.


Creating or ordering the parts for your mobility equipment is one thing. Putting those pieces together, so that they function properly and are comfortable for you, is quite another. Your mobility device is comprised of various, critical components. Our Assembly team begins by installing the seating system onto the base of your wheelchair. At this stage, everything really starts to take shape. Your wheelchair is unique, and is set up like no other. We incorporate all of the necessary components into your seating system, ensuring that your device is properly configured for you. Our assembly straff is even cross-trained with our Service Department. This means that they can perform minor repairs, should the need arise.

Sales and Evaluation

CMI is home to some of the best seating specialists in the field. To determine the most effective seating solution for you, we take an assessment of your medical records and of your lifestyle. To design the perfect mobility equipment for you, we evaluate your needs by consulting with you and your team of support, including: family members, caregivers, physicians, and therapists.
We treat each of our clients like family, meaning that we will do everything in our power to take care of you. Our Sales and Evaluation team is the best, which includes nine, certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs). Their certification requires every team member to complete annual courses, which cover various topics regarding new and old models of mobility equipment. It’s important for our team to stay current with their certifications, because it ensures that our clients continue to have a great Quality of Life, while our team continues to learn more about the intricacies of your mobility equipment.
Our top priority is to provide you with the highest quality of care, as quickly as possible. To help us accomplish this goal, we constantly improve the evaluation process. From the moment that you call, to the delivery date of your equipment. Our team always strives to reduce the time that it takes to complete your request.

The Sales and Evaluation Process:

  • Your physician or therapist writes a referral to Custom Mobility
  • We schedule your appointment
  • Together, your support team identifies your goals
  • We gather necessary information
  • Your therapist/physician and one of our ATPs perform your evaluation
    • During this process, we note necessary measurements and discuss equipment options
  • After the evaluation, CMI requests a prescription for your equipment, as well as any, additional medical documents
  • CMI then obtains a quote, which detailing accurate pricing from the manufacturer of the needed equipment
  • Our Funding department compiles paperwork from prior approval
  • After everything is in order, we request prior approval
  • When we receive prior approval, we’ll provide you with a receipt of your deposit, if needed
  • Sometimes, our clients need an additional visit with their rehab. specialist
  • After everything has been organized, we order your equipment
  • Upon arrival, we assemble your equipment
  • Once your equipment is ready to go, we schedule your deliver and coordinate with your therapist, if necessary
  • You receive your mobility equipment!
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