Parts and Service

At Custom Mobility, we are home to a variety of factory-trained technicians. Our service team is versatile and talented, which allows us to service most brands of manual and power wheelchairs. In addition to "typical" repairs and maintenance, CMI has a strength in customization. Whatever you require to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life, we can handle it. Need a unique seating system on your wheelchair? Not a problem. Did your custom tray break? We've got you covered.

Traveling to our facility can be difficult or impractical. Want us to come to you? We have field service technicians on staff, who can service your wheelchair from home! Our coverage area ranges from Gainesville, to northern Miami.

Wheelchairs are far from simple. Assembling and repairing them can be a complicated process. Before we can even repair your wheelchair, our service techs need the correct parts. Our Parts Department is extensive, and provides the pieces needed to repair your chair. To finish your repairs in a timely manner, we stock wheelchair and seating parts from many, different manufacturers. 
Should service require extended time, we are capable of providing you with loaner equipment. We will never leave you without a means of mobility.

Custom Fabrication

At CMI, we excel in custom work. Namely, our company specializes in adaptive seating for manual and power wheelchairs. We're fortunate enough to have skilled woodworkers, who are provided with the best equipment and materials, which are used to design and create contoured cushions and positioning items.

To achieve workable solutions, we use a variety of materials. A tremendous amount of time, and effort, goes into the fabrication of a single, seat cushion. With quality plywood, Kydex, Lexan, and a variety of foam and gels, we can create the perfect cushion, which will meet your, specific needs.

Custom Mobility pays attention to the fine details. Our work ethic sets us apart from other, equipment companies, because we consider the unique needs of every client. By taking exact measurements of the client, we can implement those specifications in our designs. The result is a seating solution, which not only meets our clients' medical needs, but also allows them to achieve their highest potential.


For wheelchair users, the material that covers seating solutions, must account for much more than comfort. Some clients can tolerate a variety of fabrics; however, others may be hypersensitive to, or allergic to, certain kinds of materials. In addition to creating seat covers, our Upholstery Department regularly creates custom seatbelts, harnesses, straps, and pads. These items are vitally important for ensuring the safety and health of our clients, while they use their mobility devices.

Additionally, we have the ability to implement special, design elements. This skill allows us to fabricate seating solutions, which meet unique and specific needs.

Welding and Metal Components

To Design and fabricate custom wheelchairs, we pay particular attention to our metalwork. By utilizing various types of metal, machinery, welding, and powder coating, we can create custom components. When assembling a new wheelchair, these components become crucial. Without them, many of our clients couldn't be correctly seated in their mobility devices. As a result, they would sustain bodily injury.

Wheelchair Assembly Services


So, who actually puts your wheelchair together? After all of the components have been fabricated, and all measurements taken, our assembly crew will install the seating system onto the base of your wheelchair. When put together, these components will be set up, so that they meet your individual needs. At this stage of the process, we will also add items, ordered from other resources, and incorporate them into the seating system. With you, and all of our clients, our main priority Is to achieve the best seating solutions, possible. To ensure that this happens, our assembly staff is cross-trained with the Service Department, which allows them to perform minor repairs to your equipment.

Sales and Evaluation

When we say custom, we mean it! At CMI, our seating specialists are trained to develop the most appropriate solutions for you. We are confident about our seating and positioning systems, because our staff includes 9, certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs). To remain certified, these individuals are required to complete annual courses, pertaining to continuing education. This step is essential to both our success, and to our clients' Quality of Life. The certification ensures that our staff will remain knowledgeable about old equipment, while staying current on new equipment that is entering the marketplace.

Now, to the hard part. Which mobility solution will best-suit your medical and personal lifestyle? To find the solution, we evaluate your needs by consulting with you, your family, your caregiver(s), your physician(s), and your therapist(s).

Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality of care, as quickly as possible. To accomplish this goal, we constantly look for new ways to improve the evaluation process. At CMI, we will always strive to reduce the time between your initial call, and the delivery date of your equipment.

Below is a brief list of what can take place in that process:

  • A Referral is made to Custom Mobility
  • An appointment is scheduled
  • Goals are identified, information is gathered, evaluations are performed, measurements are taken, and equipment options are discussed
  • Prescription and/or medical documents are requested
  • A quote is obtained, detailing accurate pricing, from the manufacturer
  • Paperwork from prior approval is compiled
  • Prior approval is requested
  • Prior approval is received
  • Receipt of customer deposit (if applicable)
  • In some cases an additional visit with the rehab specialist
  • Equipment ordered
  • Equipment received and assembled
  • Delivery scheduled (with therapist if needed)
  • Delivery to client
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