The Freedom Motors rear entry ramp is easy to use, and incredibly reliable. Like all mechanical devices, your Freedom Motors product will eventually require maintenance. In case your ramp has malfunctioned, or the vehicle has lost electrical power, it is possible to manually operate the ramp. The following video offers a step-by-step tutorial for operating your Freedom Motors rear entry ramp, in case of an emergency.

Freedom Motors Rear Entry Ramp - Emergency Manual Operation

This Video Will Demonstrate How To:

  • Manually deploy the Power Rear Entry ramp
  • Manually deploy the Power Rear Entry ramp if you are in the vehicle
  • Manually stow the Power Rear Entry ramp

Freedom Motors Rear Stow-Away Bench Seat

This Video Will Demonstrate How To:

  • Stow the rear bench seat
  • Unfold the rear bench seat


If your ramp is in working order, never attempt the actions described in the following videos. Only perform these actions if you are in an emergency situation.

If you must manually stow your ramp, your van may remain in the kneeled position. Driving while your vehicle is kneeled can be dangerous, and could cause damage to your suspension. In this circumstance, we advise you to call for emergency roadside assistance.