12520 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33774

The Florida Botanical Gardens is HUGE. To do the park justice, we decided to break it down into two sections, and grade them separately. In this post, we’ll just be going over the botanical gardens, and will save Heritage Village for another time. A brief description of the botanical gardens is detailed below, along with a number of pictures that highlight important accessibility features, including key areas that showcase either accessibility or inaccessibility.
Palm Garden Area

Accessibility Grade: B

The Botanical Garden section of this park is absolutely gorgeous! It includes a number of parking 

lots, all of which have plenty of accessible parking spots WITH unloading zones. Inside, it featured a 

large variety of plants and animals that call these gardens home, including cardinals, blue jays, and even a mother alligator and her babies. Most of these exhibits are easy to access via wide trails that are fully paved. However, some of the smaller gardens could only be accessed by taking narrower trails that were made of packed dirt and shells. To make things better, the gardens also had a number of accessible bathrooms.

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