Our resource center is a great place to learn about the disability community! From accessible vehicles to funding tips, we cover a variety of important topics that will help you to live smart and well.


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Funding Info

Whether you use a wheelchair, stander, or walker, assistive technology...can be expensive! There are a number of resources that can help, even when purchasing an accessible vehicle. • Protecting Our Rights To Complex Rehab. Technology • Custom Mobility is actually involved in a lot...

Health and Safety

Wheelchairs and assistive technology are designed to keep you healthy...and safe. In this section, you’ll find helpful tips and information that will make your life easier. • Accessible Travel Tips for Land, Sea, and Air • If you know the right items to bring, and the correct...

Adapted Sports and Recreation

The world of adapted sports is both fun and competitive! Find out about the...wide variety of wheelchair sports, and the communities behind them. • Florida Accessible Beaches and Outdoor Spaces • In this information-packed article, learn how wheelchair users can make the most out of...