With the simple touch of a button, boom lifts can pick up your mobility equipment and swing it into the trunk of your vehicle. And with your mobility device in the trunk, you’ll no longer lose the back seat of your vehicle.

Bruno Boom LiftsBruno

The Curb-Sider is a transportation solution that allows you to easily lift and stow your scooter or wheelchair. When your mobility device isn’t in the vehicle, the lift head can be folded down to give you access to your third row of seating.Should you get a new vehicle, as long as you purchase a compatible make and model, this system can be transferred.


Harmar Boom LiftsHarmar

Ideal for vans, SUVs, and vehicles with large cargo space, Harmar’s hoists make it simple to stow your wheelchair or scooter. With a variety of models to choose from, these inside lifts can carry mobility devices that weigh about 250lbs. - 400lbs.


Adapt Solutions - Speedy LiftAdapt Solutions - Speedy Lift

Transferring from your wheelchair into your vehicle needs to be as easy as possible. With products like the Speedy Lift, Adapt Solutions makes it simple to stow your wheelchair inside your vehicle. After transferring, all you need to do is put your wheelchair into position, and press a single button. Within 30 seconds, your wheelchair will be secure and ready to go.