Many wheelchair users have the ability to drive an accessible vehicle, even though they might not realize it! Driving Aids optimize your abilities, and offer a variety of alternative methods for driving. Consult with your therapist or physician to determine if this equipment is right for you!

Hand Controls

MPD Hand ControlsVeigel / MPD (Mobility Products & Design)

Mechanical hand controls are perfect for clients that have good dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Additional controls can allow you to press the accelerator and break with your hand, instead of having to rely on your lower extremities. These options are great for clients with amputations or spinal cord injury.


Steering Aids

MPD Steering AidsMPD

If you experience difficulty while turning a steering wheel, knobs or handles can be installed to make gripping easier. Mobility Products & Design has a wide selection of devices that are both practical and easy to use.






Sure Grip Steering AidsSure Grip

Steering Aids come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each designed to offer support to accommodate a specific need. Whether you need a counter weight for steering assistance, or a palm grip that doesn’t require wrist support, these products are highly durable and will provide you with some much-needed security.




Veigel Steering AidsVeigel

Designed to match the interior of your vehicle, Veigel steering aids are reliable, functional, and appealing to the eye. Ergonomic design makes it convenient to control these devices. For instance, acceleration and brake are operated with the Veigel Basic II by simply pushing or pulling.





Foot Controls

MPD - Veigel Foot ControlsVeigel / MPD

If you require extra assistance to use your vehicle’s pedals, Veigel and MPD offer a large selection of pedals to choose from. From left foot accelerators, to pedal guards, to pedal extensions, these products will give you better control of your vehicle. Easy to install and remove, these foot controls can be changed in a few moments to accommodate different drivers.