For some clients, the safest way to travel is by transferring out of their wheelchairs and into a seat within their vehicle. Whether you need to transfer from within or outside your vehicle, transfer seats make it safe, easy, and comfortable.

B&D Transfer SeatingB&D

B&D transfer seats are compatible with a variety of minivans, full-size vans, and even a number of trucks and SUVs. Regardless of your lifestyle or diagnosis, B&D products can give you the confidence to explore a higher level of independence.


Adapt Solutions Transfer SeatingAdapt Solutions

Adapt Solutions offers a variety of transfer seats, transfer boards, lifts, and other devices that make it easier to enter and exit your vehicle. Whether you need to transfer into a truck, an SUV, or a minivan, these products are safe, practical, and reliable.


Braunability - Turny Evo Transfer SeatingBraunability - Turny Evo

The Turny Evo can lower the seat of your vehicle to the perfect height. This product can be installed in over 150 makes and models, and is completely reversible, which is great because it will not impact your vehicle’s resale value.