Front-wheel drive wheelchairs typically provide increased traction, more room to position a footplate, and lower seat-to-floor height to fit under desks and tables. Consult with your therapist or physician to learn whether this is the most appropriate solution for you.

Permobil Front-Wheel Drive WheelchairPermobil

Permobil’s front-wheel drive wheelchairs are focused around their seating systems. Whether you require elevation to better reach countertops, or tilt to relieve pressure, Permobil’s front-wheel drive wheelchairs may be the answer for your mobility and seating needs.


Quantum Front Wheel Drive WheelchairQuantum

If you’re looking for a smooth and comfortable ride, Quantum uses automotive-grade suspension for their power front-wheel drive models. As a result, these wheelchairs have an unmatched ability to maximize the traction of your wheelchair. With a number of seating options to choose from, these wheelchairs are perfect for active users.