These power chairs have the tightest turning radius, are generally easier to maneuver, and are usually recommended for new wheelchair users. Consult with your therapist or physician to learn whether this wheelchair is the right solution for you.

Quickie Mid-Wheel Drive WheelchairQuickie

Quickie models have a unique driving system that allows all six wheels to sport their own, independent suspension. This unique suspension system provides a smooth ride. With customizable seating options, these models can also accommodate a variety of wheelchair users.


Permobil Mid-Wheel Drive WheelchairPermobil

With a sleek design and dynamic suspension system, Permobil’s mid-wheel drive models offer a smooth and comfortable experience. Their seating options allow users to elevate up to 14 inches, making it possible to see clearer and stand eye-to-eye with your peers.


Quantum Mid-wheel Power ChairQuantum

When it comes to building a quality, mid-wheel drive wheelchair, a great suspension system is extremely important. Quantum’s Edge models offer great traction, on a variety of surfaces, delivering a smooth and safe ride.


Invacare Mid-wheel Drive Power ChairInvacare

Invacare’s mid-wheel drive models are perfect for clients who spend lots of time in-doors. With great stability and shock absorption, these models make it easier to navigate narrow spaces like hallways and bathrooms.