Seating and positioning systems are extremely important. For some wheelchair users, moving certain parts of their bodies might be challenging. These incredible systems allow our clients to tilt or elevate their bodies, which helps them to stay healthy and to reach higher. Consult with your seating and positioning team to determine what tilt options will work best for you.

Permobil Power SeatingPermobil

The seating systems offered by Permobil are both dependable and functional. Arm and elbow supports help keep your upper body in an appropriate position, while power elevating legrests help to increase the circulation to your feet and legs. Tilting and reclining are a great way to relieve pressure from your lower end, and to provide fresh air to your skin.


Quantum Power SeatingQuantum

Seat elevators are another, important feature of seating and positioning systems. In addition to their tilt function, Quantum seat elevators allow you to be at eye level with your peers, and to grab objects that might be out of reach.