Among the first power wheelchairs ever designed, rear-wheel drive chairs tend to have larger bases. The added weight helps these models to be rugged, sturdy, and powerful. These devices turn slower, but allow for you to be more precise in your driving ability. What’s more, rear-wheel drive chairs can be fitted with a wide range of seating and positioning systems.

Quickie Rear Wheel Drive ChairQuickie

Quickie’s rear-wheel drive power wheelchair are reliable and versatile. Their suspension systems add to the power of these chairs, and help them to better drive over a wide range of terrain. With Quickie bases, you can get the reliability that you deserve, without compromising the functionality that you need.


Permobil Rear Wheel Drive ChairPermobil

If you’re looking for a quality, pediatric mobility solution, Permobil has you covered. This rear-wheel drive power wheelchair can feature a variety of seating functions, including seat-to-floor, seat elevator, and even power tilt. Designed to grow with your child, this chair is perfect for active children.


Quantum Rear Wheel Drive ChairQuantum

Rear-wheel drive power chairs by Quantum are built for high-performance. With their compact size and great maneuverability, their innovative designs give you exceptional outdoor performance, but are also perfect for getting around the house. These chairs can also be fitted with a variety of seating and mobility systems.


Invacare Rear Wheel Drive ChairInvacare

Great for those long trips away from home, Invacare’s rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs are quite durable. Their unique suspension system allows for a smooth and comfortable ride. With the addition of customizable seating components, you have the ability to build the wheelchair that perfectly suits your needs.