Though they are often overlooked, accessories can be very important to wheelchair users and their independence. For people who have difficulty holding cups, items like cupholders can be life savers. Whether you are looking for wheelchair storage, or a device to make standing easier, some of these accessories could offer some much-appreciated support.

Diestco Brand AccessoriesDiestco

Life as a wheelchair user can present you with unique challenges. Diestco has a wide array of products to assist with accessibility issues. Need some extra space to carry your things? Diestco makes bags that mount to various places on your mobility device, including the back of a scooter or underneath a wheelchair seat.


Handy Bar by StanderStander

For clients who experience standing hardships, Stander provides multiple options including the Handy Bar. These devices can ensure your safety during the times that you need it most. From bedroom transfers, to stability in the bathroom, to automobile support when transferring to and from your vehicle, Stander accessories are certain to make your life easier.


Shower Buddy SystemShower Buddy

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, your restroom must meet your needs. If you experience difficulty with the shower, tub, or toilet, Shower Buddy’s products are an incredible resource! Easy to maneuver and store, these devices will make your life so much better.