While people with disabilities may spend a lot of time in their wheelchairs, it may be important to transfer out of their mobility devices. Hang Out and Comfy chairs can be nice alternatives to wheelchairs, walkers, or standers. They offer our clients the ability to relax comfortably, while making sure that they are safe and healthy.

Comfy Lift Mattress BedComfy-Lift Mattress Bed

Resting and relaxing are very important to everybody’s health. The Comfy-Lift Mattress Bed offers perfect support for the upper-body. This design prevents accidental roll overs, and promotes breathing for people with sleeping or breathing disorders.


P Pod Beanbag ChairP Pod

While searching for seating solutions, our clients often look for versatile products. The P Pod features a design similar to a bean bag, providing the perfect amount of positional support and comfort. The Bolster Support helps children remain in an upright position, allowing them to engage with their family and friends.


The Chill Out ChairFreedom Concepts

The Chill-Out Chair features a deep “V” foam design. This device is designed to keep the user secure, while allowing his or her body to relax and remain in place. Antibacterial fabrics even allow for easy and sanitary clean-up.