Some people may have the ability to walk but need support from a gait trainer. With help from your therapist, these devices can provide important health benefits, including: increase in muscle and bone growth, correction of gait irregularity, and increased renal function.

Rifton Gait TrainersRifton

In the 1980s, Rifton introduced their first gait trainer. Since then, products like the Pacer have been helping our clients achieve proper positioning while walking. They help the user to better understand the process of walking, and to develop a healthier gait pattern.


Sky Medical Walkers and Gait TrainersSky Medical

Sky Medical creates these mobility devices for children, who have neuromuscular impairments such as Cerebral Palsy. Their walkers and gait trainers help to align your child’s legs, while providing proper support for their torso.


Prime Engineering Walking and Gait TrainersPrime Engineering

To make sure that children develop the appropriate neural and motor skills, it’s important for them to control their own movement. The KidWalk allows children to experience the world on their own terms, instead of simply observing it.


Drive WalkersDrive

Drive’s walkers offer much-needed support for our clients, letting them be as independent as possible. They’re easy to carry and store, making them the perfect solution for those who are always on the go.


Kaye Products WalkerKaye Products

Depending on the model, Kaye Products walkers work perfectly for clients whose ages range from toddler to adult.They offer a number of products, which can meet a wide range of needs.


Grillo Gait TrainerGrillo

In addition to its durability and light-weight frame, Grillo gait trainers are easy to transport. These devices, such as the Anterior Gait Trainer/Walker, can be adjusted in and can grow with your child as his/her needs change.