Alternative mobility solutions are extremely important for babies, adolescents, and adults, who need something different. These options are versatile, dependable, support a wide range of seating and positioning options, and can accommodate a variety of needs.


Convaid StrollerConvaid

Lightweight, compact, and customizable, Convaid mobility devices can give the support of a typical stroller, while providing some extra features to meet the needs of your child. Comfortable and adjustable, they are designed to grow with your baby.



Quickie StrollerQuickie

Products like the Zippie Voyage can be equipped with different types of foams, which range in softness and thickness. The Voyage is available with different options for support, maintaining healthy posture by holding your baby’s head, hips, thighs, and trunk.


Adolescent & Adult

Convaid Alternative Mobility SolutionConvaid

Compact and easy to fold, these mobility solutions have breathable material that’s great for the client’s skin, allowing for better air circulation. Additional features, such as adjustable recline and Self-Tensio™, accommodate an assortment of seating and positioning needs.