Manual wheelchairs are a perfect solution for some of our clients who may experience difficulty propelling themselves. They offer great support, allow the user to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and are easy for caregivers to operate.

Pediatric Chairs

Zippie Dependent Manual ChairZippie

Pediatric manual wheelchairs are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your child. Quickie’s Zippie models have built-in adjustment features, allowing them to grow with your children. Simple to use, lightweight, and durable, they’re great for kids.


TiLite Pediatric Manual ChairTiLite

Whether they are playing with their friends or are at school, TiLite wheelchairs are perfect for your child’s active lifestyle, encouraging them to be as active and independent as possible.


KiMoblity Pediatric Manual ChairKi Mobility

Ki Mobility creates rigid frame and folding solutions that are light, simple to use, and easy to transport. These wheelchairs can grow with your child, while making sure that they maintain proper posture, and can easily maneuver themselves.


Adult Chairs

Quickie Manual Dependent ChairQuickie

Quickie’s line of manual wheelchairs are used by a large number of our clients, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are built exactly how you need them. Whether you need a rigid frame or a folding frame, these manual wheelchairs could be a great mobility solution.


TiLite Manual ChairTiLite

The dependability of your wheelchair is extremely important, which is why TiLite products are made from the most reliable components. Rigid and folding frames are available, and are a great fit for some of our most active users.


Ki Mobility Manual ChairKi Mobility

Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean that your needs stop changing. Ki Mobility’s wheelchairs offer an incredible amount of adjustability. Extremely versatile, their products include a variety of folding and rigid frames to fit your lifestyle.