Some wheelchair users experience difficulty shifting their weight. Moving your body is important because it increases circulation, and also prevents pressure sores from forming. Manual wheelchairs with the tilt-in-space function allow our clients to relieve pressure and maintain a healthy body.

Pediatric Chairs

Zippie Pediatric Chair with TiltZippie

These seating functions are built to rotate around each client’s center of gravity. Among the lightest models on the market, the IRIS features a short frame for easy maneuvering. The tilt function of these wheelchairs is easy for caregivers to use, and offers a smooth experience for the user.


Ki Mobility Pediatric With TiltKi Mobility

Tilt features are extremely important for some of our clients. To make things easier on parents and caregivers, Ki Mobility offers a clean design, routing all cables through the wheelchair’s frame. If you have trouble finding the perfect tilt angle for your child, the system can be adjusted to help you find the perfect position.


Freedom Designs Pediatric Chair with TiltFreedom Designs

Featuring rigid and folding frames, Freedom Designs offers a variety of models that feature the tilt function. Designed to accommodate a wide range of lifestyles, the P.R.O. CG and NXT lines are the perfect solution for a number of our pediatric clients.



Adult Chairs

Quickie Adult Chair With TiltQuickie

Tilting is important for pressure relief and positioning, and offers an additional number of other health benefits. Quickie’s SR45 helps our clients with eating and breathing habits, and helps to hold the head in a stable position, preventing both vision and neck strain. 


Ki Mobility Manual Chair with TiltKi Mobility

Ease of use is extremely important for mobility equipment. Ki Mobility features the only adult tilt-in-space wheelchair. The Single Tilt Mechanism makes it possible for caregivers to use the tilt function with either their right or left hand.