Your mobility solution should make your life easier. Manual folding wheelchairs are lightweight and very adjustable, making them perfect for our clients with changing needs. These devices can fold up and can fit into the trunk of most vehicles, making them easy to transport.


Zippie Folding WheelchairZippie

Because your children are constantly growing, their wheelchairs should, too! Zippie frames are designed to be reliable, portable, and easy to use. As your child grows, these devices can be easily adjusted to keep up with your family’s lifestyle.


TiLite Pediatric Manual Folding ChairTiLite

Folding frames are a standard design for manual wheelchairs. TiLite provides your children with a great platform for playing outside and enjoying life. The frame’s light weight makes it easier for kids to maneuver, while allowing them to have masterful control over their mobility.



Quickie Manual Folding ChairQuickie

With an array of styles and designs, Quickie’s adult folding wheelchairs offer some of the highest levels of performance and reliability. Supporting the broadest range of options, these frames allow a number of our clients to be both efficient and independent.


TiLite Manual Folding WheelchairTiLite

Whether you are fine with factory seating or require an aftermarket seating system, TiLite manual folding wheelchairs are versatile and comfortable. Their strong frames make for a smooth ride that you can rely on. These frames can be fine-tuned to perfectly fit your body and support your active lifestyle.


Ki Mobility Manual Folding WheelchairKi Mobility

The best manual folding wheelchairs offer the support and control of a rigid frame, while also giving you the versatility of a folding frame. With a variety of styles to choose from, Ki Mobility offers a dependable frame that offers you a sturdy and uniform experience.