Rigid frames are more durable than traditional, folding models, and are typically more appropriate for our adult clients. Designed for active users, these mobility devices are simple to use and may also help some pediatric clients stay as independent as possible.

Pediatric Chairs

Zippie Manual Rigid ChairsZippie

Semi-rigid frames have the durability of a rigid frame, the performance of a folding frame, and are typically more appropriate for children. Models like the X’Cape are extremely versatile. They’re even available for children that weigh as little as 19 lbs.


TiLite Manual Rigid ChairTiLite

Unlike most rigid frames, the Pilot is built to accommodate your child’s growth. Because of its carbon fiber frame, this wheelchair is lighter than most pediatric chairs, making it easy for your child to use, and for you to transport.


Ki Mobility Manual Rigid ChairKi Mobility

From the paint job, to seat growth, to the 5th wheel, the Rogue XP a high performance wheelchair that allows your children to be creative and embrace their own style. Durable and lightweight, this frame offers a safe and smooth ride, making them perfect for active kids.


Adult Chairs

Quickie Manual Rigid ChairsQuickie

Durable, versatile, and reliable, Quickie’s rigid frame wheelchairs are lightweight and built for active adults. These frames are designed to give you the most out of every push, are easy to maneuver, and are built to keep up with your busy lifestyle.


TiLite Manual Rigid ChairsTiLite

Constructed from the fewest amount of moving parts, TiLite manufactures rigid frame wheelchairs that weigh less and perform better. Made from aluminum and titanium, these wheelchairs are built to handle the demands of our most active clients.


Ki Mobility Manual Rigid ChairsKi Mobility

Responsive and comfortable, Ki Mobility manufactures frames like the Rogue, which offer our clients a smooth and responsive experience. With a high level of adjustability, these mobility devices are uniquely designed to keep up with your busy life.