Tricycles and Recreational Handcycles - Florida (1 of 1)

For wheelchair users, handcycles are a great way to stay healthy and in shape, all while having a great time! Whether you are searching for an add-on that can attach to your manual wheelchair, or want an entirely separate device, we can find the perfect product for you.

Rifton TricyclesRifton

Adaptive tricycles are a fun way to experience the outdoors! With these modified trikes, both our pediatric and adult clients experience a number of health benefits, including the strengthening of their legs and backs, better balance, and spatial awareness.


Quickie HandcyclesQuickie

Standalone models of Quickie’s tricycles, such as the Shark, are great for their durability and speed. Other products, like the Attitude Wheelchair Hand Bike attachment, can easily transform any manual wheelchair user into a cyclist.