In a world full of wheelchair accessible vans and minivans, ATC Conversions offers a variety of trucks and SUVs that are a perfect alternative. If you find yourself scraping the bottom of your current, accessible vehicle, one of ATC’s trucks or SUVs may help you get over those steep curbs.

ATC Side Entry TrucksSide-Entry Trucks

You won’t have to worry about getting your wheelchair into the bed of any ATC Conversion. Equipped with either driver or passenger side conversions, ATC trucks will lift you and your wheelchair into the cab of your vehicle.


ATC Side-Entry SUVsSide-Entry SUVs

ATC Conversions offer more than just trucks. SUVs offer the same benefits of a truck, but in a different form factor. If you’ve always wanted the ability to tow your own boat or trailer, these vehicles would be a great contender for your next vehicle.