If your business is searching for ADA compliant vehicles, you need solutions that are versatile and dependable. Whether you need full-size vans or minivans, our team has an assortment of options that are perfect for both you and your clients.

ADA Compliant Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Though you may not realize it, commercial wheelchair lifts are often found in school buses, full-size vans, transit buses, and even trains. These lifts have capacities exceeding well over 800 lbs, meaning that they can accommodate the largest power wheelchairs.

Braunability Millennium Series LiftBraunAbility Millennium Series Lift

This lift is fully hydraulic, and is the most popular model among BraunAbility’s line of platform lifts. The Millenium Series is perfect for commercial ADA compliant vehicles because it can be installed on either the side or rear of full-size vans. Featuring an optional side-entry, this dependable lift is easy for your clients to access.


BraunAbility Century Series LiftBraunAbility Century Series Lift

Featuring a simplified electrical system, the Century Series lift is simple for drivers to use and dependable for their customers. Automatic fold and unfold, as well as automatic doors, makes loading simple and easy. This feature is especially helpful for picking up passengers in inclement weather, such as rain or snow.


ADA Compliant Commercial Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

How many passengers would you like to transport with your commercial wheelchair accessible vehicles? Accessible minivans are perfect for single-passenger trips, while full-size vans are appropriate for hauling multiple wheelchair users or larger groups.

Dodge Commercial Wheelchair VanDodge Commercial Wheelchair Van

This vehicle features a number of floorplan options, allowing you to change a variety of features, including the layout of its seats. Trusted by transportation companies around the country, these minivans are economical and dependable. Whether you are transporting clients with or without disabilities, the Dodge Grand Caravan is a great option.


Toyota Sienna Commercial Wheelchair VanToyota Sienna Commercial Wheelchair Van

Available on new and fully re-conditioned vehicles, the rear-entry Toyota Sienna offers stability and unparalleled quality. This accessible vehicle features a smooth ride for your customers with and without disabilities.


Ford Transit Commercial Wheelchair Transport VanFord Transit Commercial Wheelchair Transport Van

With the new Ford Transit, you won’t need to worry about a raised roof or doors. Whether you would prefer this vehicle to feature side- or rear-entry options, this van is perfect for transporting one or multiple wheelchair users at the same time.


Ram Promaster Commercial Wheelchair Transport VanPromaster Commercial Wheelchair Transport Van

The Dodge Ram Promaster offers a really great chassis to build an accessible van on. Beginning with an interior that features a full and flat floor, the Dodge Ram Promaster offers plenty of room for multiple wheelchair users and/or additional passengers.