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Our team can tailor both your WAV and wheelchair to fit your unique lifestyle. If you need assistive driving controls, Grace Adaptive Driving can help you learn to drive with them. When all is said and done, we even deliver the finished product to you. It’s that simple.

Woman Entering Side-Entry VehicleBuy From Home

We know it can be tough for some of our clients to visit our Largo facility. Whether you need to book a virtual appointment, a home test drive, or a free, at-home delivery, our WAV specialists will do our best to cater to your availability and accessibility.


Family Exiting Side Entry VehicleWe Make it Easy

We know that life is hectic, and that it isn’t always easy for clients to visit our Largo facility. Whether you want to book a virtual appointment, home test drive, or free home delivery, our WAV specialists will cater to you.


Tech working on vehicle in shopIn-House Specialists

Some dealers rely on other companies to make repairs and/or modifications to their clients’ vehicles. A team of certified experts works at our facility, which means that we’ll provide the quick, reliable, and quality care that you deserve.


Working on vehicles and wheelchairsService: 2 for 1

When it’s time to service your wheelchair and WAV, why would you go to two businesses? It’s easy to make appointments with the Custom Mobility team, who can care for all of your mobility equipment, in one location.


Group talking with wheelchair userTeam Approach

Together, with you and your team of medical professionals, we choose the equipment that’s most appropriate for your lifestyle. Whether you need a wheelchair, walker, stander, and/or WAV, we’ll make sure that your mobility equipment will work together.



New & Used Equipment

To make the cost of equipment more accessible, we sell certified pre-owned and refurbished mobility equipment and WAVs. That way, our team can meet any need, at any budget.



Commercial ADA Compliant OptionsCommercial ADA Compliant Options

Our specialists can determine the most practical and accessible transportation solution for your business, and even install a lift or ramp on a compatible vehicle! We are certified by NHSTA, NMEDA, and QAP, meaning you’ll receive the highest quality in our industry.