We’ve mentioned, quite a few times, that having your own WAVs can change your life. How can one vehicle be such a big deal? Well, don’t just take our word for it! Let’s hear from some of our valued customers, and see what they had to say:

Manyvonne Champavannarath and her new vanManyvonne Champavannarath

Manyvonne Champavannarath has been a member of the Custom Mobility family Mobility for over 40 years. She says, “I will NEVER... go anywhere else because everyone is so professional and knows how to fix… my equipment.” Kathie Hanks, her caregiver, adds, “Scott Yarosz was so helpful and understanding, making everything as easy as possible.”


Jaqueline and Grant Yost - new vehicleJaqueline and Grant Yost

Jaqueline and Grant Yost’s accessible vehicle gives them the freedom they deserve. Jacqueline says, ”Grant can come along with me to the store and other errands too! He had a very tough year, with unexpected health issues. Custom Mobility... helped us find our vehicle, and made sure Grant had the right wheelchair to meet his needs. I am so grateful to find a company that cared and knew how to help us find the solutions we needed during this difficult time. We never thought it could happen."

Rammi Jadda - new vehicleRami Jadda

"We couldn’t believe the amazing service we received from Custom Mobility. Our salesperson, Scott Yaroz, was so patient and always answered our questions each time we changed our minds. He even drove over to Orlando from Largo, at least 3 times, to show us different vehicles until we were finally ready to make our purchase. Our service technicians who work on Rami’s power wheelchair are terrific too, so it was an easy decision to buy our vehicle from a company who employs such knowledgeable and nice people!"

Al Leone and his Chrysler PacificaAl Leone

Al Leone’s Chrysler Pacifica makes traveling easy! With the swiveling driver’s seat, he can independently transfer from his Permobil power wheelchair. He told us, ” I am very satisfied and will be back to get another one, very soon. Custom Mobility makes everything so easy. They found the right vehicle to meet my needs, and helped me with the paperwork so I just had to show up and write a check!”


Paul Armbruster with his dogPaul and Barb Armbruster

After getting their new wheelchair accessible vehicle, Paul and Barb can finally sit next to each other up front. “We couldn’t be happier! Scott and LeAnne were so helpful and made our purchase super easy... they are both so knowledgeable, and found the perfect vehicle for me and my husband Paul. For over 22 years, Paul was stuck in the back of our full-sized van. Now, he is thrilled to be riding in the front seat of our new Honda Odyssey. He helps me navigate and keeps me entertained during our trips too, which makes driving so much nicer for me!”

Mary Smiths New VehicleMary Smith

To meet her mother’s changing needs, Mary Smith purchased a manual rear entry Dodge Caravan. She said, “Custom Mobility went above and beyond to help me find a vehicle that worked for our needs, and was within my limited budget. They were so patient and supportive... I am very grateful for their expertise... The people, especially Scott, know so much and educated me on the various configurations, etc., so I could make the best choice. Without his help, I am sure I would still be looking, especially with my financial restrictions.”

The Larsen FamilyJohn Larsen

Over the last 40 years, John and Beth Larsen adopted and fostered many children with special needs. After purchasing an accessible Promaster from us, John said, “I love how easy it is to maneuver... There is enough room for our two children who use wheelchairs, and for four others who don’t. The… lift is mounted underneath the vehicle, so there is a lot more room inside. Custom Mobility helped me find the perfect vehicle for my family!”

Shelby Nurse and her fianceShelby Nurse

Shelby Nurse recently purchased a 2017 BraunAbility Toyota Sienna. She told us, “This van has opened up my world! Thanks to my dad, Tom, and Custom Mobility. It gave me the freedom and accessibility to be a normal 29 year old. I just got engaged, and this WAV can easily fit both... my power wheelchair and my fiance's. Custom Mobility listened to our needs and found us... the perfect vehicle. We are thrilled!”


Kevin JenkinsDebbie and her son Kevin Jenkins

We received a letter from Debbie Jenkins: My son, Kevin Jenkins, has been a wheelchair user for many years. Of course, he’s worked with many companies... Most of his experiences have been from St. Louis, Missouri, where Kevin became knowledgeable… by working with our local, Permobil Sales Representative.
In January 2018, after moving to The Villages, Florida, Kevin worked with several companies before finding... Custom Mobility. His ability to work with Dennis, the service manager, has been excellent. Calling Custom Mobility and speaking to Patty is a delight.  Requesting Julie Evans, and gaining the utmost attention… makes life easier. JD, Kevin’s technician, has so much experience and finds answers to my questions.  Finally, Kevin recently met Mike, a new technician to Custom Mobility… who has a tremendous amount of knowledge, and patience. Overall, we believe Custom Mobility and staff have the true edge and ability to help others.  -  Thank you for everything!

Mike DezikMike and Karen Dezik

Mike and Karen Dezik have purchased multiple WAVs, but they particularly love the service that our team provides. After their latest purchase, Karen told us, “Custom Mobility just makes it so easy and takes all of the pressure off of us. They submitted all of the VA paperwork, took our vehicle in on trade, helped us make sure the restraints were fitted properly for Mike’s wheelchair, and kept us informed every step of the way. We really love the personal service and knowledge... Everyone really knows what they are doing… That is so important to us!“

William TurnerSandra and William Turner

When it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles, Sandra and William Turner have tried everything. After a long search, the couple fell in love with their 2018 Toyota Sienna XLT. Sandra told us, “The side entry ramp is so quick and is great, especially in the rain! I love... that it kneels too, which makes it easy for… my family. Custom Mobility makes everything so convenient... I would not go anywhere else. We now live in Pigeon Forge, TN... I drove down to make my latest purchase, and will do it again next time too!”

Sarah AtariAmy and Sarah Atari

Amy Atari purchased a WAV to transport her daughter, Sarah, to therapy sessions and other appointments. She gladly told us, “This vehicle makes my life so much easier, and I just love the Easy Lock restraint system. No hassles anymore to make sure Sarah is safe while I am driving. Greg was excellent. He listened to all of my concerns, and found just the perfect vehicle... at the right price! Just love it... It was a great experience.”

Jessica Arango and Her Kia SoulJessica Arrango and Her Stylish Kia Soul

The Custom Mobility team would like to congratulate Jessica on the purchase of her Kia Soul! Featuring a Rear Entry conversion by Freedom Motors, she is able to independently enter and exit her vehicle. Jessica’s Soul also has a power transfer seat, making it easy for her to transfer from her Quickie QM-710. This vehicle also features a hands-free locking mechanism for her wheelchair. Our team was happy to help her find the perfect vehicle, and we hope she experiences many miles of enjoyment. From here on out, Jessica will be riding in style! 

Frank Boyer Reviews His ExperienceFrank Boyer Reviews His Experience - 5 Stars!

Frank had originally purchased a power wheelchair lift on Amazon, and was having trouble installing it. After bringing it to us, we learned that the device was intended for a scooter, and couldn’t accommodate his wife’s wheelchair. We were more than happy to find them a solution that would work, and are extremely grateful for his generous words: “When we went outside, I was shocked. It was a used lift but with options that will make my life easier. Christmas in April! Back inside to agree on the cost, pay and out the door. I only spoke to the receptionist and Donnie both of which are valuable assets to their company. I do not believe that I could have been treated better.”

Sandi Guida and her Accessible Toyota SIennaSandi Guida And her Accessible Toyota Sienna

Sandi has been a WAV owner for over three years. She described her experience by saying,  “My wheelchair accessible vehicle changed my life forever! It keeps me mobile, independent, and safe, which has had a very positive impact on my life. It allows me to do the things I love to do and go where I want to go, without asking for help.” Thanks to her power transfer seat, Sandi can easily move from her scooter to the driver’s seat and is now much more independent.

George Paquette and His Dodge Ram 2500George Paquette and His Dodge Ram 2500

Since 2013, George has purchased four WAVs. An expert at this point, he told us, “I keep coming back to Custom Mobility because of the knowledgeable and personable people that work there. I also like that I have choices with vehicles specific to my needs and wants. CMI helped me to get exactly what I want, like my new ride - a Dodge Ram 2500 Pick-up with a Crimson Red paint job. It is just beautiful and I love it!”