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Get Started With A Driver Evaluation:

Accessible vehicles give our clients the freedom to be more independent and active in their communities. By having your own vehicle, you can take charge of your own life and manage your own schedule, all without the hassle of booking accessible transportation. 

1. Who will be driving your wheelchair accessible vehicle?

To determine which options are right for you, we have to learn about you. Will you be driving from your wheelchair, or transferring to the driver’s seat? Maybe you’ll be a passenger, while a caregiver or family member drives?

2. What are your wheelchair's key dimensions?

The dimensions of your mobility device could impact your vehicle choice. Your height and weight may affect your ability to enter, exit, and maneuver within the vehicle. To help us determine the best position for you within the vehicle, we will take some key measurements:

  • Height from the floor to the top of your head, while seated in your wheelchair
  • Width of your wheelchair, at its widest point
  • Width of your wheelchair’s wheels
  • For passengers, we must measure the entire length of your wheelchair, including leg extensions and/or any equipment mounted on the back of your chair
  • The combined weight of you and your wheelchair will determine whether additional accommodations will be necessary

3. How many people will be transported in your vehicle, and where will it be stored?

Whether you’re intending to transport one person, or eight people, this factor will play an important role in determining your perfect vehicle. The size of your vehicle will also impact where it can be stored. Your storage space may also impact whether you choose a vehicle that is either rear- or side-entry.

4. What are your needs/wants?

To find your perfect vehicle, you should consider:

  • Your maximum budget
  • A monthly payment that’s comfortable for you
  • Additional funding sources that might be able to help

There are a number of features that may make your trek easier and comfortable, such as:

  • Backup cameras
  • Navigation aid
  • Power sliding driver and passenger doors
  • Rear air
  • Satellite radio
  • Sunroof
  • DVD Player
  • Removable seats

What's Next?

Grace Adaptive DrivingGrace Adaptive Driving

The mobility experts at Grace Adaptive Driving will ensure that you have everything you need to drive, including adaptive equipment like hand controls. They are a priceless resource throughout the entire purchasing process, and can provide guidance about a variety of topics, including finance.