At Custom Mobility, we sell more than wheelchairs and accessible vehicles: we provide necessary products and service, which allow our clients to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Below, you’ll find valuable information related to funding, operating, and maintaining your wheelchair and accessible vehicle.

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Assistive technology is extremely important to people with disabilities. Because this equipment can be expensive, finding the right technology can seem a bit overwhelming. In this article, we provide a quick definition of assistive technology, explain how useful it is for our clients, and offer a guide to help you secure funding.




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Custom Mobility is dedicated to providing the necessary resources to our clients and their team of medical professionals. To help us provide you with better care, in a shorter period of time, we have made a number of forms and instructions available through our website.





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While accessible vehicles come naturally to us, we realize that the equipment within your vehicle may seem difficult or confusing to 

operate. Here, you’ll find a series of explanations and instructional videos, designed to guide you through some of our most frequently asked questions. Before you give us a call, take a few moments to check out these resources. If you still require assistance, or your concern isn’t addressed in our How-To section, please call us ASAP!


Grace Adaptive DrivingGrace Adaptive Driving

The mobility experts at Grace Adaptive Driving will ensure that you have everything you need to drive, including adaptive equipment like hand controls. They are a priceless resource throughout the entire purchasing process, and can provide guidance about a variety of topics, including finance.