Meet Kiley Griggs! She’s an energetic 11-year-old old, who just received her new Permobil F5! This custom power wheelchair has changed her life, allowing her to be an incredible public speaker, and successful model. About her new wheelchair, Kiley’s mom mentioned, “It has only been a few days, but the independence gained is amazing. She is doing so many things she couldn’t do before!” The standing feature of her F5 allows Kiley to be independent in a lot of ways, such as with cooking and brushing her teeth. Kiley told us, “This chair has affected me for the better... For example, I’m now able to talk eye-to-eye with my friends. I am also able to stand up and look around. It also helps with my health.” A special thanks goes out to one of our great ATPs Rick Capps, as well as the rest of our Custom Mobility team, for putting together the perfect wheelchair for Kiley!

Collage of pictures with Kiley