You and your family are extremely important to us. By becoming a member of our Community Spotlight, you are helping us to support and inspire families just like yours. Offer a snapshot of your life, maybe even take us on an adventure, and show others how unique and important your mobility equipment is to you!

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Frank Boyer Reviews His Experience - 5 Stars!

Last week, we received a letter from Frank Boyer reviewing his experience with us. Frank had originally purchased a power wheelchair lift on Amazon, and was having trouble installing it. After bringing it to us, we learned that the device was intended for a scooter, and couldn’t acco...

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Christine Garner - New Vehicle, New Opportunities!

Christine Garner is a passionate woman, who uses her platform as Ms. Wheelchair Florida 2019 to advocate for people with disabilities. Whether she was supporting the community at local events, or simply attending classes at the University of South Florida, traveling was very challenging fo...

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Twins Livy and "High-Flyin" Hailey

Meet Livy Scheinman and her sister “High-Flyin’” Hailey! Their amazing story became a part of Disney's Marvel Hero Project: Real Kids Making a Real Difference. Now fifteen-years-old, Livy has been a member of the Custom Mobility family since she was three. After realizi...

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Kiley Griggs - Energetic Public Speaker

Meet Kiley Griggs! She’s an energetic 11-year-old old, who just received her new Permobil F5! This custom power wheelchair has changed her life, allowing her to be an incredible public speaker, and successful model. About her new wheelchair, Kiley’s mom mentioned, “It has...

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Lera Borysova - Visits From Halfway Around The World

We had the pleasure of meeting ten-year-old Lera Borysova and her lovely family! They are from Ukraine, and came to the visit Lera’s aunt. Lera is 10 years old, and has difficulty walking and doing different things like getting in and out of chairs. Rob Kriebel, one of our bes...

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Steven Schwartz and his Permobil M300 Power Wheelchair

Meet Steven Schwartz who lives here locally with his brother who cares for him. Steven recently received his refurbished Permobil M300 power wheelchair and just loves his new custom seating solutions! First we changed out his armrests to be longer and wider to give him more support, plus w...

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