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Products like Scooters, Sit & Go Power Wheelchairs, and Transport Manual Wheelchairs don’t require specialty seating or additional customization. They can all be purchased without a prescription and are perfect for clients that have minimal mobility needs.

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Scooters are versatile products that can fit a variety of lifestyles and...require minimal maintenance. With the help of a scooter lift, these devices can be transported with ease. They can even be broken down into more manageable and lightweight parts. • Pride • Pride mobility...

Sit and Go Power Wheelchairs

These lightweight wheelchairs work best for clients with minimal mobility...impairments. If you’re active and love to explore, they’re easy to transport with a lift. They can also be disassembled into smaller components and packed into the trunk of a vehicle. • Pride •...

Transport Manual Wheelchairs

For clients who don’t have the ability to propel themselves and need...assistance from a caregiver, these mobility devices can be pushed by a caregiver or family member, and are easy to transport and maneuver. • Drive • This wheelchair is lightweight, reliable, and makes...