Power wheelchairs don’t always have to be complex. Sit and Go Power Wheelchairs have a simple design, and work best for clients with minimal mobility impairments. If you are active and love to explore, these lightweight power wheelchairs are easy to transport with a lift. They can also be disassembled into smaller components, and packed into the trunk of a vehicle.

Pride's Go ChairPride

Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments. Lightweight and easy to transport, Pride’s Go Chair is the perfect mobility device. Whether you are taking a trip or need additional assistance to navigate your home, you can rely on these Sit and Go Power Wheelchairs. With a 300 lb. weight capacity, the Go Chair is durable and easy to use.


WHILL Stand and Go ChairWHILL

With easy-to-charge batteries, the WHILL Model C2 Power Chair is lightweight and can travel 11 miles per charge, has a 300 pound weight capacity, and a top speed of 5 mph. These devices sport a compact frame, which can be disassembled in four easy steps, and can fit into the trunk of a car. The Model C2 has a turning radius of 29.9 inches and is great for navigating around your house. Multiple seat sizes are available. They all feature adjustable components, including: seat height, seat angle, back angle, controller height, controller side, and armrest angle.