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When the typical person thinks about sitting, there is one concern that outshines the rest: comfort. For wheelchair users, seating and positioning systems deal with much more. Along with comfortability, appropriate seating systems drastically help with pressure relief, proper posture, and increased circulation. We will work with your therapist or physician to build the perfect system for you!

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Commercial Solutions

Custom Mobility offers a number of seating and positioning solutions from...the top manufacturers in our industry. We will work with you and your therapist, or physician, to determine the most comfortable and appropriate option for your seating system. Have additional questions? to learn more....

Custom Manufactured Solutions

Custom Mobility caters to a wide range of clients who require wheelchairs...that are unique. We create custom wheelchairs, which are specifically designed to work for that individual person. Need a product that doesn’t exist? We even have the ability to design and create brand new...

Molded Seating Solutions

Some of Custom Mobility’s clients require an extra level of support....These singular devices provide clients with an effective way to support unique body types. Using state-of-the-art technology, we create molded seating solutions for areas that require additional supportive...

Learn More About Seating

Since there are so many options to choose from, how do you know which seating...solution is right for you? Learn more by reading this Accessible Living article: • • •...