Custom Mobility works together with you and your therapist, or physician, to determine the most comfortable and appropriate options for your seating system. Have additional questions? Contact us to learn more.

Comfort Company SeatingComfort Company

Comfort Company offers a variety of cushion types to meet your needs, including air, gel, foam, or even a moldable insert. We’ll work with you and your medical team to determine which product is most appropriate for your needs.


Jay Seating SolutionsJay

Using the perfect seating solution is crucial to staying healthy. Jay seat cushions are highly customizable! They’re expertly designed to stabilize your pelvis, prevent skin breakdown, and properly position your body.


Roho Seating SolutionsRoho

Roho cushions mimic the pressure relieving properties of water, but without any of the mess or cleanup. Their wide range of sizes can fit wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes, and even have custom options to meet your specific needs.


Supracor Seating SolutionSupracor

Due to the honeycomb design of their Stimulite products, Supracore cushions are known for their versatility. Their solutions are a great option for pressure relief and are also very breathable, allowing your skin to experience natural air flow.


Varilaite Seating SolutionVarilite

These cushions use a material called Air-Foam Flotation. With a combination of air and foam, this design gives great pressure relief and offers gentle support. These seating options, along with a number of supports and belts, will keep you healthy, safe, and comfortable.


Invacare Seating OptionInvacare

Whether you are a full-time wheelchair user, or often transfer to other surfaces, Invacare manufactures a wide variety of cushions. They are designed to maximize your comfort and maintain healthy skin vitality.