Whether you are a client of ours or a clinician, Florida Medicaid MMA plans can be tricky. The following links will guide you in the right direction, and help our clients and clinicians through the process of changing MMA plans.

Client MMA Postcard - DId You KnowFor Our Clients

Have you ever thought about changing your Florida Medicaid MMA plan? If your current one doesn’t cover your preferred providers, you can actually switch at any time. To learn whether you qualify, check the Good Cause Disenrollment Reasons in the following document.







MMA Postcard For Clinicians - Did You KnowFor Clinicians


Did you know that your patients can change their current Florida Medicaid MMA plan? If it doesn’t cover their preferred providers, patients can change their plan at any time. Check the document to learn more, including the Good Cause Disenrollment Reasons, which will qualify them to switch.